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marcelo r.
how to stop real estate theft scams from a state appointed non neutral receiver
How do u stop a real estate scam from a state appointed official?? Info: Mark Adams has been in power to long and he even states he has the most e... Read More »
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julie b.
Amerihope Alliance Legal are they a scam?
Does anyone know anything about Amerihope Alliance Legal Services? Are they a scam or for real?
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John S.
How to Repair Dell Computer and Laptop 1-800-439-2178
How to Repair Dell Computer and Laptop call 1-800-439-2178 Dell technical support phone number
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Dorothy K.
Provident Financial Auditors a scam? Information appreciated
Any information on Provident Financial Auditors appreciated. This enterprise is not listed in the registry of businesses in California. registry is... Read More »
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Dany k.
10% discount code WED to buy eso gold
Where to buy cheap eso gold in 2016 new year ? Dear eso fans,join in our “Happy Wednesday” party,time to buy 10% discount eso gold PC/PS4/Xboxone... Read More »
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IGXE's Fake Reviews - How do they do it?
How is IGXE posting so many fake reviews?
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Kimberly M.
Anyone else ripped off by Bruce Richards, Owner, Non Published Com and United States Interlink?
Has anyone else been ripped off by NONPUBLISHED COM or UNITED STATES INTERLINK? Both owned by Bruce Richards. Online names are an... Read More »
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Ann P.
Need to verify if the company is Legit
Clear sky funding... Have anyone worked with them? There is no Alvin M. Matsuura only Tim Green. The Google Voic... Read More »
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chen c.
Why dont you go to buy lingerie online
someone say that online shopping is so No security but last night i online shopping and find a good website that wholesale lingerie http://www.ling... Read More »
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howard s.
Has anyone been "scammed" by Timeshare Cure LLC based in Torrance CA? I paid them about $4,000 to take my timeshare off my hands and now... Read More »
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Jose D.
people are going bannanas and want to know the truth?
has anyone heard of the famous MCA/MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA
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joan s.
when they are closed for good?
They never fixed anything from my pc I paid money and didn't get anything in compensation.just destroyed my pc after I sent it to that company. The... Read More »
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Chanetra G.
How is Amerihope Alliance?
Can anyone give me any helpful information on Amerihope Alliance Legal Services. Do you think it's worth a try? I don't want to blindly give them m... Read More »
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Elizabeth H.
Is NSHHS worth the cost?
Does anybody know if the National Society of High School Scholars is worth anything to colleges? There's a registration fee, and that makes me pret... Read More »
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Dorothy K.
Is 2029 Embassy Dr, West Palm Beach possibly a residential area? ZGroup Consultants
The ZGroup consultants formerly of Chicago, now of West Palm Beach Florida 2029 Embassy Dr., West Palm Beach FL 33401 This address appears to be re... Read More »
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laura c.
I need help in getting my money back
I was scam by State law group for a home modification, I received a letter from citgroup and it sounded legitimate and I sent them 3900. Which I ha... Read More »
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Eileen S.
World Travel Access
Back in January I transferred over two of my Timeshare properties to World Travel Access. I was tremendously skeptical at first because of losing h... Read More »
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University V.
I need to know if CUCAS China University Study Program is for real or a scam?
I am a Canadian expat living in China and every time that go through a university campus or even near one, some young Chinese person will hand me a... Read More »
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Konrad K.
contact review author
How can I contact a person who wrote a review? When I click on his name than I click "send message" it sends a message it sends a message... Read More »
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Paul G.
time share scam Justice 4
Has had any one Had any dealings with Justice 4, Lee Palister, Brdge end Wales UK, who claim to be able to chase Time Share companies through the c... Read More »
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Mary F.
Looking for compaints or praise for Gainsville Coin near Tampa, FL.
I am looking to buy Silver Eagle coins. Has anyone heard of Gainesville Coin near Tampa, FL., complaints or good news?
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Barbara R.
Any investigations regarding Transfer America Torrence CA and what is hapening?
I am involved with Transfer America a timeshare title transfer company, in Torrence CA. It appears to be a scam. Are there any investigations or le... Read More »
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Sandy B.
Scamed by Bond Gems out of $3,500.00 for a ring
I ordered a ring from Bond Gems $3,500.00 in September, 2013. It is now November 16th and I have not received the ring or my money refunded. I made... Read More »
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diego b.
Watch out for Sean Crowley and Crowley Auto Transport
Beware of Sean Crowley and his other companies Crowley Auto Transport, Navajo Transport, CTL (Car Transport Leads) and Ship it Transport. You can r... Read More »
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jane p.
Maya Medical Center Scam
Maya medical center in North Hollywood is a scam. They took the money from clients and closed their doors. No one is answering the phone. Where can... Read More »
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