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Complaint Posted 6/11/2011
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Review 6/11/2011
this is the review i posted on yelp.... and then there's become more drama

"worst place ever. the owner has got some anger mngmt issues. and he charged me way too much after he said he was getting me a $500-700 deal. called the local factory place and it woulda been 200 less for more work.
story goes like this.... nathan tells me to bring my bike back after he did my valves. he told me he put some double spring things, that i don't know about, on my bike. i weigh like 140-145pnds. i couldn't kick the bike over on flat surfaces. i called and told him that this set up is not good. he told me to bring the bike in and it'd take about an hour, and he closes at 6. i'm pretty far away, and friday traffic... i'm trying my best to get there by 4:45. when i get there, he's closing his shop. he knew i was racing this weekend, so he told me to put the bike in his shop. so i did knowing i'd have to drive back the next day. i don't live close to his shop. i was a little upset. i asked him what time it would be done and all that, cause i had plans and wanted to make sure i could pick up the bike. he could tell i wasn't too happy, but that was that. here's where it gets crazy. as i'm walking back to my truck to leave he mumbles something at me, so i turn and ask what he said. he tells me that he's doing the work for free, so just chill out. i told him i understand that, but i was told to get the bike there and he'd work on it that day. that's why i wasn't happy. then he said "if your gonna give me shit, you can just take your bike out my shop and leave. i don't need your F****IN business. as was like fine. i take it back. as i'm getting my bike he keeps insisting that it wasn't his fault, and he only did what i asked him to do. i told him i never heard of some double spring vavle spring, so how could you say that i told you to put that on. then he starts telling me that i have a bad attitude and i'm trying to blame him that i can't start my bike. i said no. i'm upset cause you said you'd work on my bike and now your not. then he was like...and i quote "i don't need your F***IN business. I'm rich!! i do this for fun. my parents are dead and i don't need the money or your F***IN money" i was like WOW!! ok. i told him (as i'm doing now) don't expect a good review from me. and this is how horrible a guy he is. another direct quote.... "i got a F***IN strong spirit. your gonna go over your F****IN bars and land on your neck this weekend" are you kidding me??? who says shit like that. then i got pissed and started yelling back at him, and he was like "oh so now your gonna start F'n yelling at me??" i was like yeah. you been yelling at me for the last 5 minutes. as i'm backing out he's still trying to argue with me. i was like just shut up already!!! then he says..."it's not my fault your a F'n pussy and can't start your own F'n bike. I did." yes he did start my bike, but it was tied down in the back of my truck, and he was standing up on it. not on flat ground. and nathan... my buddy who's 185 couldn't kick the thing over on flat ground either, and i don't think he'll take to well you calling everyone who can't start my bike on flat ground a pussy.

he must have told me 5 times that he has a strong spirit, and i'm going to go over the bars and landing on my neck. strong spirit?? don't get it, but wishing that on anyone is just horrible!! and atleast 10 times that he's rich cause his parents are dead. huh?? (i actually said sorry when he yelled this in my face) well.... hope you truely are rich, and don't need my money cause your a douche bag, and eventually people are going to see the real you, and how you rip people off, and then get mad at them cause they're not happy with your work. what ever happened to the customer is right. and go take some anger management coarses."

this was yesterday, and now he called me and told me at 1pm on a saturday that i stole the receipt and paper work from his counter the day i paid for the services, and that he's going to call his lawyer on monday if i don't give it back by then. so i'm expected to get paper work to him in an hour or he's going to call his lawyer monday. i called him back and told him that it wasn't possible. i couldn't make it there in an hour, and also if someone threatens me with lawyers and legal stuff, i can't talk to them anymore in fear of what can be used against me. after about an hour of that message, i got a phone call from a blocked number, and all i heard was. i can have you F'n arrested. then click. he hung up on me. so i'm thinking.... if i was trying to steal anything from this guy... why would i go back to him the very next day?? and if he's threatening me with legal action, and telling me he's going to have me arrested i really shouldn't even talk to this guy. not sure what i'm supposed to do hear. please help.
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