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  • This was by far the easiest refi process I have experienced. Jonathan Cave is extremely knowledgeable and excellent to work with. I have already pr... Read More »
  • Online I ordered a "love" bar pendant for myself because quarantine hasn't been treating me and my family very well. when my order arrived, it sure... Read More »
  • I was allowed to defer 2 payments in March and April of this year because of not being able to work due to Covid 19. I have never been late other t... Read More »
  • The easiest and stress free move I've had. Everything was quite literally - simple. From the quote to the goodbye; I was happy the whole time. Harm... Read More »
  • It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lor... Read More »
  • Alex is amazing! Having anyone nowadays always available to answer the phone is pretty much unheard of, BUT Alex never misses a call and is always... Read More »
  • what can i say. had a large bolt go in my truck tire. called a friend to see if he knew anyone, and hooked me up with moses. mo came in about 15 mi... Read More »
  • I have had one of the most disappointing customer service experiences with Hyundai Motor Finance department. This department is struggling to send... Read More »
  • It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lor... Read More »
  • We are grateful for their work, getting this loan approved and being available through the process for questions/phone calls/emails. I am pleased t... Read More »
  • Thanks to P.C.S. Roofing (John), I have a nice curb appeal roof with new guttering. Great company to work with. Excellent Crew, right on time every... Read More »
  • PayPal only cares about your money being theirs. You can use them if you wish, I did. Even after knowing the complaints. I simply thought "there mu... Read More »
  • The meter was not working after numerous attempts to enter my tag number into it to pay for parking, for a scheduled appt across the street. After... Read More »
  • I am a USTVnow member for quite a while. The shows and programs on USTVnow are unique, and couldn't find such stuff on competitors' services like N... Read More »
  • Jim came to write up my order and measure my windows. I know very little about shutters and how to order. I explained to him that I needed FOLDING... Read More »
  • Alex is a true professional. My daughter needed a transmission flush and Alex answered his phone promptly, gave a very fair quote and was available... Read More »
  • I wish I had done my research before giving this company any money. Now I am being endlessly jerked around to get my first stamp, so I am also losi... Read More »
  • My first lawyer wouldn’t communicate with me until I asked to be transferred to another lawyer. My second lawyer left the firm. My third lawyers ch... Read More »
  • Pipe busted in the wall while my daughter was house sitting for me. I told her to call LA Master to come out and take a look quick, because she did... Read More »
  • Pipe busted in the wall while my daughter was house sitting for me. I told her to call LA Master to come out and take a look quick, because she did... Read More »
  • I contacted them just over a month ago about an account I needed help with. It was draining my cash flow daily! I have struggled with making payrol... Read More »
  • Excellent company Diamond Rock OKC, They did a wonderful job in my sister Alda's house, located in Moore They remodeled the entire exterior and int... Read More »
  • My friend Karelys recommended the Diamond Rock OKC company to me, the best specialists to give a touch of elegance and style to my grandparents' ho... Read More »
  • Barbara,Angela and Gabby this was my team and they where amazing!!! They helped a lot and explained everything in a way I can understand. I highly... Read More »
  • Ordered the parts thru google and took me to the selected part on their website. Unfortunately it bypassed the part where it states that there is t... Read More »
  • I called yesterday (Tues 9/15) to order 2 dozen long-stem red roses and a box of chocolates for my wife for our 20th wedding ann... Read More »
  • I did jobs for this company for a few weeks. When they kept calling me to try to get me to locations that I had already told them I would not do, I... Read More »
  • I did refinance my loan with this worst company and they didn’t even payoff my other lender on time . After a month when I did inquiry they didn’t... Read More »
  • Advantage gold has been a great company to work with - in these unsettling times I have been looking to acquire gold for my portfolio and James has... Read More »
  • We were very pleased with our services from Pacific Associates! Roger and his team were amazing! They responded to emails, questions, and any conce... Read More »
  • Very happy with this company. They were responsive and have a great website that keeps you informed of the progress of the process. Would use again... Read More »
  • Needed some headshots for an upcoming gig I'm starting. I'm not really good at having my picture taken, but the photographer was able to work some... Read More »
  • I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from this company. They espouse great customer service and warranties and it falls flat. Stay away. I bough... Read More »
  • Our loan Officer Alez Zelada was great to work with, he is very knowledgeable, great customer skills, always available to answer any questions we h... Read More »
  • Item as described, shipped on time, worked great. Read More »
  • I first purchased gold and silver through Goldco in July this year. After having a frustrating experience with a competitor I decided to try Goldco... Read More »
  • Stay Clear. Do not trust this guy. I found him on Craigslist. I needed to file a claim and had a one week deadline. After speaking on the phone and... Read More »
  • These guys are the absolute best at what they do. They have cleaned and repaired my Breitlings and Omegas as well as heirloom pieces. Every repair... Read More »
  • Appreciate that the appraisal kit included all packing and shipping materials necessary. When I called customer service for details of the offer am... Read More »
  • I have had my Infinity Firm mattress for several months and I could not be happier. The mattress is super comfortable and very cool. I love this ma... Read More »
  • It is with great appreciation to have the pleasure of working with Scott Twombley on our recent refinance. Along with Chrystal Mayhugh their team w... Read More »
  • Everything Cheryl wrote is 100% correct. I ordered a swing in April 2020, paid $1,600. September 15, 2020, I still have not received my swing. They... Read More »
  • From Day 1 I should have ran the other way. I have 2 people working on my case with neither one understanding what the other person is doing or say... Read More »
  • Me and my daughter shopped here for her graduation ring schools were closed, the tradiational order magazines were not an option. Some of my PTA fr... Read More »
  • I had never sold gold jewelry by weight before and stumbled on GoldKit on line. I had two 18k gold necklaces that a local jewelry dealer had offere... Read More »
  • I am disappointed with this agency for several reasons. 1. Our au pair arrived in late January 2020. When Covid 19 hit, she routinely reminded me t... Read More »
  • For two months everything was fine. Then it started dropping 6+ times Aday. Tech support told me it wasn’t my equipment even though they wouldn’t s... Read More »
  • It was a very hard time after I had my fourth baby and had no work. My credit card debts were piling up since I didn't have income and I still need... Read More »
  • I ordered a set of their LS Head Bolts and had 2 fail. I called them to ask them to replace them. They told me that I bought them off ebay and they... Read More »
  • Amerihope Alliance and in particular Rosie Gonzalez went above and beyond in assisting my family with dealing with our mortgage lender during our l... Read More »
  • This is the second time I have used the services of Gary McPeak and David Arnold. They are without question the best in their business and I recomm... Read More »
  • i would highly recommend this online program to anyone having to go through these courses . i find them very helpful in identifying the difference... Read More »
  • As a first time shipper had lots of quotes and calls with pricing all over the board. Chose Mercury because their email actually explained how ship... Read More »
  • Unfortunately, dealing with this company was bad. Great deals? Yes. Any semblance of communication, either internal or external? Nope. What makes t... Read More »
  • Carrier arrived a day late, then charged me more than quoted. Car arrived 4 days after expected date and 2 days after quoted delivery date. No cont... Read More »
  • I’ve used them twice now, super convenient and easy to send your items in and they get an offer to you quickly. Both times the offer was higher tha... Read More »
  • My name is Karen Cogar, the CEO and along with my business partner, Linda Severance, the COO, we started our business, CS Medical Billing & Managem... Read More »
  • The WORST roofer ever! Saul is the worst roofer and will scam you. His job was to re-roof my roof which included removing tiles, adding plywood, fe... Read More »
  • The air conditioning in our house went out, so I called our home warranty company, First American, and paid $75 for service visit. Our work order w... Read More »
  • Things are a bit CRAZY here in Cali right now. With all this chaos, my a/c went down and we needed it fixed or my candle business would have been g... Read More »
  • My 1st contact with Augusta was just a chance call. I told them I was not in a position to do business with them at that time but to keep in contac... Read More »
  • Wow, these guys really knocked it out of the park! I was referred to them by a friend and so glad I called and didnt just pay what was told to me b... Read More »
  • I would not buy from them. Three emails and zero communication and coming up to a calendar month. No tracking information and no key either (so n... Read More »
  • This company has done me a real good deed. I was hoping for just about the amount that they offered. Friendly ,informative and honest...I will tell... Read More »
  • My Omega was was beginning to show its age, as it has been used as a everyday watch for many years. I am a retired USAF Fighter Pilot, which means... Read More »
  • Be careful. Once they have your money you will not hear back from them. They will not answer their phone like every other company that is doing bus... Read More »
  • I had Dish Network for years and always loved their service but was tired of paying the very high price. We stream on Netflix and USTVnow a lot and... Read More »
  • my score went down 21 pts. I was tracking my progress and telling m agent news about my score. I have never told about my rights to cancel my membe... Read More »
  • Ok, I do not normally do this, but my recent situation calls for a review. To make a week's long story short, one of the machines locked up after t... Read More »
  • Lake B2B has the largest contact data repository that is impeccable. We rolled our multi-channel campaigns with the list and were able to achieve s... Read More »
  • I’ve been working with Augusta Precious Metals – not only as a paid brand ambassador, but also as a satisfied customer. Last year, I had my financi... Read More »
  • I am very happy with the company Diamond Rock OKC, for the elaboration of the countertops for the island-type kitchen with breakfast bar in my hous... Read More »
  • I returned my car to Hyundai dealership 4 months ago during covid 19 The dealership did not mention anything about inspection before returning the... Read More »
  • My original loan officer was TERRIBLE (spent tons of time telling me how much smarter than everyone else he was) and disappeared at some point (no... Read More »
  • ___
    My original loan officer was TERRIBLE (spent tons of time telling me how much smarter than everyone else he was) and disappeared at some point (no... Read More »
  • If you want serious professionals to guide you through the highest dollar transaction you will make in your personal life, use Eric and Janelle. We... Read More »
  • Alex from RWB Lending was recommended by a friend who went above and beyond to get my loan funded. We experience a few hurdles and some unknown fac... Read More »
  • Diamond Rock OKC are very responsible and punctual professionals, they remodeled my parents' apartment located in Bethany, delivering new rooms wit... Read More »
  • One star is too much for the type of scam I was a victim of. I hired this firm to represent my 17 year old son for shoplifting charges and possessi... Read More »
  • Buyer beware. They have horrible customer service. I have left several voice mails, emails, and live chat that is not monitored. It has been over 4... Read More »
  • Placed an order online over 2 weeks ago and cannot get anyone to return multiple phone calls, emails & web requests to understand the status. One o... Read More »
  • I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to jewelry, especially unique or rare pieces. This place was recommended by a friend, since we often shop a... Read More »
  • Elizabeth shutters you are provide best services and i am very happy to use your protect Read More »
  • These Guys are hard workers and there work is great outstanding work had my shed done in a day thanks She’d world will buy again thanks again the... Read More »
  • Poshard Construction completed two major bathroom remodels. One in 2009 and the other in 2011. Both were very well done. Dean’s attention to detail... Read More »
  • After completing the course and taking the time to go through all of the additionally provided study material, I was able to pass the SAFE MLO exam... Read More »
  • I looked EVERYWHERE both online and at local jewelers for a perfect ring to propose to my now fiance and the diamond ring I ordered at Edwin Novel... Read More »
  • Came in to their Pasadena store with a good idea of what I wanted to pay and what sort of mattress I needed. Jennifer helped me narrow down choices... Read More »
  • The people I dealt with by phone were pleasant and helpful. I turned some tarnished silver, a broken charm bracelet, and mismatched earrings into c... Read More »
  • Alpha Marin, in this case Jerry and team, made an excellent job helping us move from the Bay Area, CA to Sweden. Smooth and professional and great... Read More »
  • I refinance my vehicle with national auto loan. Upon receiving my contract they already added the antitheft $499 and gap policy $800. They told me... Read More »
  • Fraud company. When you go to file a claim they will ignore you and when you pull teeth to get in touch with them they will make up every bogus exc... Read More »
  • I am finding the guidance helpfully informative. Read More »
  • Very Happy doing business with Sell Your Gold .You can trust items with them and being fair with their offer.Highiy recommended Read More »
  • USA Locators is an excellent organization. We were first notified by mail about out unclaimed funds. At first we were skeptical, however, since the... Read More »
  • we run a small family run business with around 30 total employees and we have been having issues making payroll off and on for the last two years.... Read More »
  • Having never hired outside consultants before I was not sure what to expect. I am glad I chose IDS. They have been honest, professional, and patien... Read More »
  • I have been with Peteruncaged MD for almost 6 months now and they have been great compared to the walk-in clinic I was going to before. They have b... Read More »
  • Really satisfied with the work and effort our consultant showed us over the last two months. What started out as a remote consult ended up morphing... Read More »
  • Global really helped us our with some training issues we were having. We had them come in and help us figure out what was going wrong and to help u... Read More »
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