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Playground Safety Tips for Kids
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9/10/2018 8:06 PM (PST)

Spending time with the kids in the parks are a great way to ensure physical activity and their proper growth. Kids learn many things and make new friends while running around in the parks. However, there are some safety tips that you should follow to ensure that everyone has fun while also staying safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Pre-Work Before you can go out apply sunscreen to the kids especially if it is day time. Kids are going to run around in the sun and will get sweaty too. You definitely don’t want them to get sunburn or prickly heats. Also hydrate them before leaving the house so they don’t get heatstroke. Carry a couple of bottles of water – put one each in your kid’s backpacks. Snacks, small towels, band-aids etc. should always be there too. Appropriate Dressing If your kids run around a lot then tutu dress for kids or skirts or any other dresses are not what should be worn. These are dresses for outings to other places. Playing and running around in the parks call for shorts and t-shirts. They are comfortable and don’t get caught between the legs – they can trip and fall. Proper Shoes Open toe shoes or sandals could not be quite safe for kids. Wooden chips could harm them or other pointed things could hurt them too. Always let them wear tennis shoes or closed sneakers that are comfortable and easy to run around. Good pair of children shoes keeps their feet safe from harmful things. Check Before You Let them Play Swings or other rides could have chipped metal pieces jutting out, loose bolts or broken pieces which could be very dangerous. Give a peek around so you know they are safe for your kids to play. Alarm Them About Strangers With so many kids running around and playing in the park it could get difficult for the kids from stopping to talk to strangers. Let them play around and mingle with other kids but instruct them to inform you whenever an adult approaches them. It could be just a parent speaking to them but you shouldn’t take chances. Remind them about the dangers of speaking to a stranger while driving to the park. This way things stay fresh in their minds. If you are looking to buy comfortable clothing for your kids and you then visit Popreal for exciting deals.

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4/14/2019 10:59 PM (PST)

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