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Complaint Posted 9/17/2012
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Worse Moving Company In The World
If I could give them 0 stars I would, and let me start by saying READ THESE REVIEWS BEFORE HIRING THEM, YOU WILL THANK US!! This is the worse moving company on the face of the earth and here is my experience. My father dealt with this move and booking and they lured him in with a 1600 dollar estimate, we were moving from california back to florida and our first move was around 3950, in california we threw away alot, left a lot of furniture to the people at the apartment building we were living in and had half of what we started with figuring the 1600 was justified. The movers came, and they loved the word estimate, they couldn't give us an actual price, everything was an "estimate" not to mention they charged 75 dollars for stairs, and since some of the stuff was in storage downstairs 1 level down that was another 75 dollars. Although the whole time they used the elevator, for the extra 150, I should have told them the elevators were off limits since I'm paying for their use of stairs. Finally after everything was in their truck they finally agreed to a guaranteed price with the exclusion of the truck being a certain distance from the destination and if their were stairs which we already stated, yes, there are. The price we signed to was 2275 and they left figuring it was on it's way to florida as were we. Seven days later. My father and I are in atlanta on our road trip back to florida giving the driver plenty of time to reach the destination. Wanting to plan for Isaac, and the rest of our trip to make it in time we called up Air 1 Moving to find out when it will be delivered to make sure we were there with plenty of time to prepare both our apartment to receive everything, the apartment office, etc. I like to be fully prepared in everything that I do. When we finally got a hold of someone, Vicki, she told us not only has our stuff not shipped yet to the destination, but we still owed me over 2400 dollars. Now we already gave them 20% starting, 40% at pickup...where did this 2400 come from? Well she claims that the driver who we met in California made a mathematical error and that 2275 was impossible a price and if we brought them to court, the court would obviously side with them. Strange logic being that we had a signed guaranteed agreement that minus stairs and accessibility, that the final price could not exceed 2275. After much arguing, she said she would look into it and that our stuff would ship the 1st of september and be there between the 7-9. Another Seven days later. We are now in Orlando, Fl staying at the Royal Plaza hotel enjoying that we are finally home. We call up Air 1 Moving again, now we are talking to Adele, making sure we know when our things will arrive since the window is between the 7-9 of September and they've made it very clear that if we are not there to greet the driver, it will be an extra 200 dollars for every hour he waits. Adele, says sorry but your things have not shipped yet and she doesn't know where we had this notion that it would be delivered and that we still owed over 2000 dollars and that Vicki would get back to us. By the way, they love the term, we will call you right back, call you right back means you'll have to keep calling them till you get the person that said was going to call you. Also, if they tell you a few days, it means they are buying time for themselves to hold off your delivery for as long as possible till you are extremely desperate and have to agree to anything that they ask for...or you'll be sleeping on the floor of your apartment, or house. Anyways, our hotel stay went from 10 days to now 18 days and we can't extend anymore for that deal so Adele, finally tells us that our things will ship as soon as they can and will arrive between the 15-17 of September. Good because our check out for the hotel is the 18th and will have no place to sleep, my father is 71, don't think the floor will be too good on his back. Days go by still aruging about the price and out of their nonexistant hearts agree on 3100 dollars, stairs included and being that we checked with the people at our apartment complex about movers, 18 wheelers, right path to take, etc. Accessibility wasn't an issue, like I said, I am always prepared. Day of the move...-thunder crashes and evil music- The driver gets here and we are leading him in to the complex and just before the gate goes, I can't make that this point we're going, what are you talking about hundreds of other trucks and movers have come in and out without a sweat, what's the problem? Well, it could damage the truck or I could jump a curb or hit a tree branch, I just don't want to do it. Now that was the last straw and my father and I blow up at this guy saying, we've talked to everyone, the office manager of the complex, the sales people, other people who have moved in and the head of maintenance and they all said, "18-wheeler, no problem, we get them all the time." My father is now cursing at him and this guy is cursing back, at a customer. I'm looking for something to write on in the back of my car to take down this guys information and I had an umbrella in hand and he calls the cops and tells them I have a bat. Three cop cars show up and the cop is freaking out going where is the bat, where is the bat, well I don't have a bat but I have a golf club, but it's in the moving truck. Now Air 1 Moving hired two guys off of craigslist to help with the move and they offer to use their truck to take stuff from the giant truck to our place. Let me tell you these two guys busted their butts and what did Air 1 Moving do. They threatened us by saying either you sign these documents saying we paid in full and all of our inventory is here or they'll take it to storage and we'll have to get our own truck and move it ourselves. Now the truck isn't even inside the apartment complex it's on the outside and the movers from Air 1 are just putting the stuff on the street and were really worried about their blankets, so worried that our mattresses that we declined bags for and said that blankets would be fine, they took the blankets off and dragged them onto a dirty truck bed and all over the floors. Boxes were crushed, my father's bed was scratched up, my trunk was destroyed and these guys were supposed to put the beds back together and never did, in fact once they got everything off of the truck they jumped back into the truck as fast as possible and left all of my stuff on the street for these other two guys from craigslist to pick it up and bring it to the apartment. If they had helped, things would have been finished in no time but these two guys worked themselves to death and even I was moving stuff back and forth and up stairs to the point where I nearly passed out. The people at Air 1 Moving did nothing, our beds were not built and all I can say in the end, between the extended hotel stay do to lies of delievery time, the hostile and unprofessional attitudes of their employees, the lies and deceit of price and services Why would anyone in their right mind do business with these people. PLEASE for your own sake, the sake of your family, your friends and everyone around you DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They will lie to you, cheat you and make your life completely miserable and in the end you will pay double what the original estimate was, and it will double after that with fees and double again when you realize everything you must replace since most of your things will probably get damaged. Pick any other mover instead of these, even if they are more money you will get your items in the same state as they left, curteous employees working for you and the benefit of great service without the worry of being scammed. If someone says you should call Air 1 Moving JUST SAY NO!
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