Spotlight: Birch Gold Group
by: Aja F. posted on 09/16/14  
Birch Gold Group, which is located in sunny Burbank,California, is one of the leading dealers of precious metals in the US. It was founded in 2003 when, according to marketing manager Andy Klein, “the owner just saw an opportunity and decided to act on it.” So what makes Birch Gold Group stand out? “We focus on the education of our customers. We feel likeonce we give our customers all of the facts, they’re going to make the decisionon their own to put some of their savings into precious metals,” Klein says.“So we don’t push them in any which way; I think that’s maybe something thatother companies try to do.” Not only is there a lot of information on the Birch Gold site , but every week the companysends out an email newsletter, so subscribers can stay up-to-date on what’shappening with the precious metals industry. In addition, Birch Gold Group has conducted interviews with RonPaul , SteveForbes , and JimRogers . “We want to give our customers information on what respectedthird parties are saying about the precious metals market,” Klein says. “Oncewe give them that information, they’ll make a decision on their own.” The company also spends a lot of time getting to know eachpotential client. Klein says that personal attention is another priority. “We want to understand the customer, and we do our best tounderstand them before we talk too much about what might be best for them.Everyone is motivated by different things and everyone has different objectivesfor themselves and for their family. We need to know that first,” he explains. This means that while the Birch Gold specialists spend acouple of days communicating with some customers, they spend 12-plus-monthstalking to others. Klein says many customers have such a positive experiencethey return to the company. “One client of Birch Gold Group has now purchased [gold andsilver] from us on five occasions,” he says “He told us that on a scale of1-10, he would review us a 10. And now he has also referred his son to BirchGold, who has also purchased from us. Our client said that he would not havetold his family about working with Birch Gold if he didn’t feel safe with us.” There are some misconceptions about the precious metalsindustry. According to Klein, a lot of people concentrate on the price ofprecious metals, especially when it comes to investing in them. “They think, ‘Oh, I want to see my money double or triple in a couple of years,’” he says. “I think what’s important for people tounderstand about investing in precious metals is that you don’t invest inprecious metals to make money or to get rich. You invest to protect the savingsthat you already have.” “Your investment doesn’t have to double or triple in pricefor you to see the benefits of it. It can still act as a really valuable partof your portfolio to drop the other things that may drop in value.” Birch Gold Group has a five-starrating on TrustLink . “We’ve had a really positive experience with TrustLink! It’svery straight-forward and easy for our customers to access,” Klein says.“Before our customers become customers, they can view what other people have to say about the business, andthen after provide their own feedback.” Learn moreabout Birch Gold Group .
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